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About Confidential Shredding Services

Truck—Shredding in Fort Wayne, IN
Confidential Shredding Services is proud to be celebrating 23 years of on-site shredding service to Fort Wayne and surrounding areas!

Confidential Shredding Services was established in 1998 with the purpose and goal of providing a secure, reliable method to destroy sensitive documents. This was not only directed at commercial customers, but residential as well. All information should be able to be handled and destroyed in the most secure, confidential method available. It is the right and responsibility of every individual, company and organization to maintain a secure level of privacy for their information, even to the point of destruction. CSS was founded to provide secure destruction and the highest level of customer service. We wanted to make destruction and compliancy an easy, reassuring, experience for all.
As we enter into our 23rd year of business, we are excited to be expanding our goals and adding additional services to meet the growing and ever-changing need of our society.

We are proud to be an independent, family owned and operated business!